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Cheeze Blust is a cheese-focused restaurant that specializes in serving a wide variety of cheesy delights. Located in your city, our cozy and welcoming ambiance offers the perfect setting to indulge in our cheesy creations. Our menu features a range of dishes that highlight the versatility and deliciousness of cheese, from classic grilled cheese sandwiches to more adventurous options like mac and cheese bites or cheese fondue. Whether you’re a cheese lover or just looking for a unique dining experience, Cheeze Blust has something for everyone. Come visit us and get ready to have your taste buds blown away by our cheesy goodness!



Cheeze Blust was founded by a group of cheese enthusiasts who were passionate about creating a space where cheese lovers could come together and indulge in their favorite food. The idea for the restaurant came about when the founders were reminiscing about their childhood memories of grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese, and how much they still enjoyed those dishes as adults.

They decided to create a restaurant that would specialize in cheese-centric dishes and provide a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where people could gather to enjoy good food and good company. The founders spent months experimenting with different cheeses, recipes, and flavor combinations until they came up with a menu that truly showcased the versatility and deliciousness of cheese.

Quality Food

At Cheeze Blust, we are dedicated to serving quality food that's both delicious and nutritious.

Super Taste

Cheeze Blust is a delicious restaurant where all our food is prepared with enthusiasm.

Fast Delivery

we have a dedicated team of delivery drivers who are committed to getting your food to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Beef Cheese Burger

At Cheeze Blust, our cheeseburgers are a must-try! Made with 100% beef patties and your choice of premium cheese, our burgers are grilled to perfection for a juicy and flavorful bite.


Cheese Sandwich

At Cheeze Blust, we're all about delicious grilled cheese sandwiches! Our sandwiches are made with premium cheeses, toasted to golden perfection on freshly baked bread.


Beef Steaks Grill

At Cheeze Blust, we take pride in our perfectly grilled beef steaks. Our high-quality beef is seasoned to perfection and grilled to your desired temperature for a juicy and flavorful bite


Grilled Chicken

At Cheeze Blust, our grilled chicken is a customer favorite! Our chicken is marinated in a blend of spices and grilled to perfection for a juicy and flavorful bite.








Xuan Foo

Head Chef

Charley Harrison

Head Chef

Denney Smith

Head Chef

Andy Lore

Head Chef

Xian Xue

Head Chef

MD Wahi

Head Chef

Soniya Frank

Head Chef

Pitar Snack

Head Chef





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